Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Here's what I have been reading this past week. 

Lunch Lady and the Field Trip Fiasco by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Hilarious graphic novel series about a lunch lady who secretly fights crime with her assistant Betty and a group of students known as the Breakfast Bunch. In this installment, Lunch Lady catches a group of art thieves while chaperoning a field trip. I love all the gadgets used to fight crime - the carrot stick flash drive, the cookie camera and the spork phone! This series is very reminiscent of the Batman and Get Smart series (television, not movie) from the 60's and 70's which I loved.
I only have the first book, Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute, and would love to have more in my classroom library! I have been checking them out of the public library. The book is very popular with many of my second grade boys. In terms of reading level, I believe most second graders can read the book independently by the middle of second grade.

Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith

This book is part of a great group of graphic/comic style books called Toon Books written specifically for beginner/early readers. In this book, Little Mouse is excited to get dressed to go to the barn with his family. The story goes through the process of Little Mouse getting dressed only to realize in the end that mice don't wear clothes. A cute book for first or second grade readers. I have several other Toon Books in my class library that my students enjoy. Check out the publishers website because there are lesson ideas and a list of books with reading levels.

Bird & Squirrel on the Run by James Burks

Another great graphic novel book in full color.  In this story you have two very opposite characters and unlikely friends. Squirrel is afraid of everything, while Bird has more of an adventurous spirit. This of course leads to hilarious adventures as they travel south for the winter while the single-minded Cat chases them along the way!  Even with all the slapstick humor, at it's heart, this is a book about friendship and accepting each others flaws.  I absolutely love the illustrations - Bird, with his goggles and Squirrel with his acorn-cap helmet.  I hope there are more adventures for Bird & Squirrel planned.

I got my copy of this book from the public library and hope to purchase a copy for my class library soon.  I think most second graders will be able to read the book independently by mid-year.


  1. My eleven year old daughter is crazy about graphic novels and illustrated middle grade novels - will check out your recommended titles for her, I have a feeling she'd enjoy them. Thanks for sharing all these. :)

  2. My 8 yr old nephew loves The Lunch Lady. I am going to have to check out Bird and Squirrel for him too!

  3. I love Toon Books! They have yet to publish anything I haven't at least like, and most of them are immediate favorites.