Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inspiration from Debbie Miller & Choice Literacy

This morning I woke up to a ton of snow and my Big Fresh Newsletter from Choice Literacy in my email inbox.  This article by Debbie Miller really hit home for me. I have been struggling this year to fit in all the stuff that has been added to my plate as a teacher. Actually, it feels as if it has been dumped, or plowed right through my classroom door!

In her article, Debbie talked about the "luscious feeling of endless time" and I knew exactly what she meant because just last week I finally had that feeling. Finally. For the first time this year. It was during writing workshop while conferring. But it really doesn't matter when it happened, just that it did happen. It was a rather nostalgic moment, both happy and sad. How had this happened? How did I allow my second grade class to become a place where I mentally checked off each lesson or activity as completed, or cut out important time for thinking and doing? I realized the joy had been sucked out of my teaching, and I needed to get it back!

As I walked my students to their special that day, and later as I drove home, I reminded myself of what was important in teaching and learning. As Debbie writes, "determine what is essential, and teach those things deeply and well".

As I read Debbie's article, it was as if a colleague was sitting next to me in the faculty room, supporting me and encouraging me - telling me that I am doing the right thing. That I am not alone in my beliefs. From one Debbie to another, thank you.

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