Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gratitude: Mostly Rosy Style

Well, here it is the day after Christmas and I can't believe that I haven't written a post since October!  (Actually...I can - it has been a wild and crazy and a bit of a stressful fall.)  But, since my blog is titled "A Mostly Rosy Outlook", I will try to focus on the "rosy" part of my life and teaching!
  • Thank you to my Twitter PLN for keeping me entertained, informed and connected.  Even though I have mostly lurked this fall you continue to amaze, impress and motivate!
  • Thank you to old colleagues for keeping in touch and maintaining our friendships even though you were moved to a different school due to budget cuts.
  • Thank you to my new grade level colleagues for making me laugh and helping to create a supportive grade level team.
  • Thank you to my husband and family for always listening and supporting me while I complain, cry and rejoice about my teaching life.
  • Thank you to my students for helping me to stay focused on the joyful moments. 

Find joy in each day.  Keep'n it "Mostly Rosy".  Enjoy this video.

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