Sunday, December 11, 2011

VoiceThread in Math Class: A Lesson for the Teacher

I just love using VoiceThread in my classroom and wanted to find a way to use it in math.  After many lessons and activities on even and odd numbers I created a VoiceThread to help show what my students had learned about this concept.  That is how it started - I was proud of my teaching, in love with VT, and wanted to show off my student's thinking.  

As my students recorded their comments on the VT I was busy working with other students in class so I only heard bits and pieces of their comments.  I remember wondering why I heard one student mention skip-counting by threes, but I was busy and knew I would listen to all the comments later.  Later that evening I sat down at my computer to listen to the recorded comments and was shocked!  I was so upset that so many of my students were confused about even and odd numbers.  I thought I had done a great job with my lessons and activities, but apparently not.  I thought about it all evening as I watched my favorite television shows.  I annoyed my husband and complained to him about it!  By the next morning I thankfully had my AH HA moment!

I finally realized that this VoiceThread was a great assessment piece.  My students had some understanding of the concept of evens and odds, but there was still some confusion.  And that was okay.  Their comments showed clearly their misconceptions, which will allow me to create more opportunities for them to explore this concept.  In the end the VoiceThread was a lesson for me.  I probably would never have known about their misunderstandings if I had only administered the textbook chapter test.  I am not sure if I will share the VT with parents, or if I will let students add more comments later after more learning.  What is your opinion?  How have you used VoiceThread in your classroom?


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